• Product/Service and Price List

Photographic prints £265.00 inc VAT
Photographic album 12"x12" £1200.00
Extra copies of above @£600.00
Photographic album 6"x6" £800.00
Extra copies of above @£400.00

12"x12" album + 6"x6" @£1600.00 saves £400.00
12"x12" album + two copies of 6"x6" £1800.00

Mini-albums ordered at the same time as 12"x12" or 6"x6"
Square 4.25"x4.25" Ordered 10 at a time £550.00

Portfolio album 14"x10" £750.00
Extra copies of above @£350.00

• Delivery Policy

Within 28 days

Royal mail 1st class registered post or Internatinal registered post

• Refund / Return Policy

We accept returns within twenty one days and offer a full refund if not completely satisfied

• Cancellation Policy

You can cancel your order at any time prior to receiving it

• Privacy Policy

We will not hold any customers financial details or credit and debit card numbers

• Customer Service Contact Information

For customer service please contact Richard Davis on +44 (0) 208 883 8638 or photos@campos-davis.com
6 Cranbourne Road, London N10 2BT - UK

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