Born 15th March 2000  Weight 2.710 kilos (6lbs)

On 15th March 2001 it was my 1st Birthday
Me with my Mum on my Birthday with all my cards
Above is me with my Mum in front of all the lovely cards everyone sent me. I liked the cards, but the wrapping paper on the presents tasted better!.
Me with my new toy clown. I like him
Opening my many cards was fun and they taste nice as well
My new toy clown. I like him very much
and he is very floppy
Reading the cards to me,
they also taste nice
My handmade jumper

Examining an interesting book
A lovely handmade jumper from Debra who lives in Majorca. It is very warm.
I like books and this one is one my Mum can read to me when I'm a bit older.
All the children round the table
All the children enjoyed themselves I hope
Me blowing the candle out
I managed a puff and blew the big candle out on my cake
Mum, dad and me with our big bottle of champagne
My Mum and Dad were given a bottle of
champagne when I was born and they had
decided to open it when I was 1 year old.
I had a taste but the bubbles got up my nose.

Me in Brazil
My second Birthday
Me at MiniKin Hair Salon, my first haircut

My 1st Birthday
Me at physiotherapy
Me at 8 months old in red
Me at 6 months old in a new dress
Me at 5 months old riding a rocking horse and with my friends.
Have a look at the first page I had with me a bit younger aged 2 weeks.
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Me with Father Christmas

All my love, Victoria

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