Having a massage at Palace
This is me having a massage at PALACE where my Mum and Dad take me for physiotherapy and aromatherapy. I enjoy the aromatherapy but the physio is such hard work for a liitle girl
The aromatherapist massages all the pain of the physio work out away. It's heaven!
She does my hands with almond oil with lavender essence which smells nice.
My feet get done aswell. Just now I am trying to work out how to get hold of these funny things on the end of my legs and stick them in my mouth! All suggestions welcomed.
Sometimes the masseur uses me as a model to show the mothers how to do it. She is great and my Mum is learning fast how to make me laugh when she massages me.
PALACE is a great place for kids. They organise courses for parents and I enjoy going to be massaged, pampered and admired!!
My Mum had the idea to massage me since she knew she was expecting me, then her friend Tina Heinl sent a copy of a book she had written called "The Baby Massage Book". It is excellent and shows how to massage babies.
The Baby Massage Book is published by Coventure Ltd, London
ISBN No. 0-904575-15-2


Me in Brazil
My second Birthday
Me at MiniKin Hair Salon, my first haircut

My 1st Birthday
Me at physiotherapy
Me at 8 months old in red
Me at 6 months old in a new dress
Me at 5 months old riding a rocking horse and with my friends.
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Me with Father Christmas

All my love, Victoria

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