Born 15th March 2000  Weight 2.710 kilos (6lbs)
On 11th December 2000 I weighed  8 ·28 kilos
dont know what that is in pounds I'm still a metric baby!

On Sunday 28th January I managed to sit up three times on my own.
A milestone!!!
In the garden
Me in my bath
Me and my family in our new garden
that my Dad build. He is clever!
Me in my bath with my ducks.
I can't wait to meet real ducks.
Father Christmas gave me a present. I pulled his beard, it moved! 37kb

Me with "Mother" Christmas at PALACE. I liked the wrapping best. 23kb

I met Father Christmas twice, once at PODS and once at PALACE. I must say he looked quite different on the second occasion, in fact I thought he looked more like a "Mother" Christmas!!! I enjoyed being given a present and the best part of it was tearing the wrapping paper up!

All my family together on Christmas Day. 42kb
My family on Christmas Day. My first Christmas.
Me and my Mum in our garden in the snow. 21kb

My Mum and me in the snow. It was cold and I was fascinated by it. Mum is wearing her snow hat and I am wrapped up in my new designer coat.
Left: We are in the back garden in front of my Dad's new shed and below we are in the front garden. Can't wait till I can use a sledge, can't wait till I can walk!.

In our front garden all wrapped up against the cold. 19kb

Me in Brazil
My second Birthday
Me at MiniKin Hair Salon, my first haircut

My 1st Birthday
Me at physiotherapy
Me at 8 months old in red
Me at 6 months old in a new dress
Me at 5 months old riding a rocking horse and with my friends.
Have a look at the first page I had with me a bit younger aged 2 weeks.
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Me with Father Christmas

All my love, Victoria

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